Why You Should Use a Realtor

Why You Should Use a Realtor

When buying or selling a home, the topic of using a Realtor® often arises. While some may see drawbacks like commission fees and limited availability, having a Realtor® can greatly aid in the process. 


  • Licensed Realtors® understand the market. Years of research and experience allow Realtors® to have access to information about the current real estate market that can otherwise be hard to understand or find. Agents can offer objective information and opinions that an individual may not otherwise know. 
  • Our agents understand the value of marketing in real estate. When selling a home, agents also have knowledge concerning how to properly market the home so that the right audience sees it. Rebecca Francis Team agents specialize and pride themselves in their marketing strategies. This all comes from Rebecca Francis, who not only holds an MBA in marketing from the University of Miami but also has years of experience in marketing. Knowing how and when to correctly advertise a home can be the line between a house selling or staying stagnant on the market. 
  • Licensed agents understand the rules and regulations for homes. These guidelines are constantly changing and your Realtor® must stay current on these things. It is necessary for agents to be informed of these fluctuating areas and understand laws that could possibly be overlooked without one.
  • Our agents adhere to a code of ethics. There are some sellers and buyers that may be worried about the ethics of Realtors® and if their best interest is actually being kept in mind. Aside from the fact that an agent's number one priority is making sure you are satisfied in every aspect of the journey, every Realtor® that is certified through the national association of Realtors® must adhere to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics
  • Realtors® pride themselves on their connections and network. Realtors® have spent their careers building and solidifying relationships with not only other Realtors® but also possible clients, investors, home improvement companies, inspectors, and so many more. These connections make the selling and buying process drastically more efficient and easier for clients. It is in a buyer's or seller's best interest to use a Realtor® because, if nothing else, the opportunities that can arise through your agent are endless. 


The Rebecca Francis Team takes immense pride in both our listings and clients. Our goal is always to find the perfect home for each individual client. Our experience allows us to be highly credited in the real estate field. For us, every day is a chance to learn something new to serve our clients better and to make their buying or selling process as smooth as possible.

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