To List, or Not to List During the Holidays? That is the Question

To List, or Not to List During the Holidays? That is the Question

Wondering if you should list your home during the holidays? In this unprecedented market, selling during the holidays may give you some unique advantages. REALTOR Liz Bowers breaks it down for you. You can also watch Liz's video here: To List or Not to List?

Fa la la la List Six Good Reasons to Sell Your Property Over the Holidays

Is this the season to be jolly and sell a home? The bustling holiday season is traditionally when the real estate market slows down. But there are distinct advantages to listing your home when the season is bright. Here they are:
Your halls are decked. From lights to garland to that festive front door wreath, inside and out, homes often look their best from the end of October through January 1. Have fun decorating your home for the holidays before you list it. But don’t go overboard. When it comes to decorating a home on the market, especially during the holiday season it’s important to stick to the adage “less is more.” Decorate with small white lights instead of jumbo colored, stay away from religious themes, leave the blow-up lawn ornaments in the attic, and stick with small, tasteful holiday decorations that add to rather than detract from your other home décor.

Holiday shoppers are serious

They aren’t the “tire kickers” looking to use showings as a fun way to spend a spring or fall Saturday afternoon. Some of these buyers have to move for a job or family reasons, or they may want to get their kids into a new school district for the second half of the school year. Either way, they won’t waste your time. Just like holiday retail shoppers, these individuals are looking because they want to buy. If they come to tour your home, they are considering offering it.

Investors Have a Deadline

Savvy real estate investors often make a few extra purchases at the end of the fiscal year, and they want to close by December 31. For these investors looking to settle by the year’s end, November is a hot month to buy.

Your Agent Won’t Be Swamped

They may be busy wrapping gifts, but most agents won’t be as preoccupied with other real estate matters as they might be in April or May. As mentioned, the winter holiday season is typically a slow period in real estate, which may free up your agent to give more attention to your home. Make sure you choose someone you trust to not disappear during the holidays, however. A good agent will be available to respond to your questions and concerns, even at times when other businesses turn out the lights.

Less Competition

Inventory of homes is lower than it’s been in decades, and with the winter months and holidays looming, that number is expected to drop even more. So, if you list your home now, you will compete with fewer comparable homes than you will if you wait until the spring or summer of 2022.

It's a Better Time Than Ever to Sell

This is a real estate market like we have never seen, especially in the Lehigh Valley, one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. With interest rates creeping up and more homes likely going on the market in the new year, who knows what the future holds? So, holidays or not, the best time to list your home is now.

No matter when you list, an experienced real estate agent can help sell your home quickly and easily, and for the maximum price. If you’ve been thinking about selling and want to learn more about your options, give Liz a call today!

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