The Value of Trusting Your Agent

The Value of Trusting Your Agent

Having the right realtor can make or break your home-buying experience. And having mutual trust and respect with your agent is a crucial part of the journey. When you trust your agent, they are more easily able to understand your needs and wants for a home, allowing the end product to be perfect for you. Building a strong relationship with your realtor can result in lifelong success whether you work with them again or not. A realtor can present you with numerous connections and opportunities for the future. When you list or decide to buy with a reliable, highly-ranked realtor, such as any member of the Rebecca Francis Team, there is an unspoken guarantee that they have your best interest in mind and will not stop until you are happy with your home. 

While buying her current home in Center Valley, agent and broker Rebecca Francis shares how trusting her agent and letting her lead helped her find her family’s dream home. 

“After moving to the Valley from Hong Kong, I had a set idea of what I wanted in my home. A good layout, including a finished kitchen and open living areas, a trusty location that would hold its value, and a second-floor primary are a few aspects I looked for. For a large portion of my search, I was strongly against the idea of having a first-floor primary bedroom and would barely consider homes that had this feature. My family had been searching for months but to no avail. Nothing was fitting our vision, and I believed that I would have to settle for a house that didn't quite feel like home until our realtor came to me with a proposition.

She had found a home with all the other aspects we were looking for, but it had a first-floor primary. Somewhat begrudgingly, we made our way to the house, unsure of what the outcome would be. But with the beginning of the school year rapidly approaching and not many other options, I decided to push away my former prerequisites and hope for the best. After spending many months conversing and building a relationship with my realtor, I decided to pull back. I recognized that after all this time looking at these homes, she must have a relatively good idea of what I specifically look for in a home and that my best bet in finding a perfect match was simply to trust her. When she opened the front door and I stepped into the foyer, I was suddenly frozen in place. Slowly looking up at the ceiling, then the stairs, the office, and the dining room, I knew that this was the home I wanted to spend my life in. From the other room, my husband mentioned that regardless the house still had a first-floor primary which I was strongly against. Rather than turning back around and walking out the door like many houses before, I simply said, “This is it; this is the house.” If I hadn't put my full undivided trust in my realtor that day, I never would have found the house that my family made into a home. Ten years later, I love my home more than ever, and my number one goal when working with my clients is to give them that exact feeling that I experienced all those years ago.”

When you work with the Rebecca Francis Team, you will quickly understand that our top priority is your happiness, and by listening and working together, your dream home could be right around the corner. We will work constantly and closely in order to build the trust you deserve. With research and a prior understanding of the market with us, you are guaranteed to find a home that is right for you.

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