Luxury Living for Families: Must-Have Features and Amenities

Luxury Living for Families: Must-Have Features and Amenities

Amenities, ranging from pull-out trash cans to mudrooms, add convenience, value, and desirability to your home. Although including an abundance of features may seem like it will increase a home’s marketability, oftentimes, buyers have specific amenities they want in their home and others they can live without.

The Trending Amenity: Outdoor Kitchens

According to a luxury agent poll conducted by Forbes Global Properties, the most in-demand home amenity in 2023 is an outdoor kitchen, continuing the 2022 trend of migrating outdoors, undoubtedly fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased need for open-air spaces. Kitchens are often the heart of a home; having one outside allows residents and guests to gather among other luxury amenities like pools, sun decks, and spas.

Highly Requested Home Features

Buyers value low-effort properties. Homes with finished kitchens, basements, and laundry rooms all fall quite high on the list of requested features. Similarly, more and more high-end buyers have recently sought entertainment or movie rooms that can give the home an elevated feel. Buyers also often look for walk-in pantries and upgraded kitchens. A well-designed kitchen with high-quality appliances, ample storage space, and stylish finishes is a top priority for many homebuyers. Features such as granite or quartz countertops, a spacious island, and energy-efficient appliances can add significant value to a home.

Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces

Other outdoor living areas besides kitchens have increased in value since the COVID-19 pandemic. Welcoming outdoor spaces with finished porches and manicured landscaping can easily catch a buyer's eye. When a home's curb appeal is positive, the interest and overall value of the house tend to rise. An increasingly popular amenity in high-end homes is an inground pool. Although pandemic concerns have declined, buyers still find this amenity to be desirable and can add copious amounts of value to a home. 

The Power of Smart and Energy-Efficient Technology

Another home amenity that is highly sought after is the integration of energy-efficient and smart technology features. Smart technology allows homeowners to control lighting, appliances, temperature, sprinklers, and home security through their smartphones, and homes with energy-efficient additions sell faster and for more money. Energy-efficient amenities include double-paned windows, attic insulation, low-flush toilets, and anything else that will reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint and energy use.

Proximity to Cultural Hotspots

Finally, buyers cite close proximity to cultural hotspots, like parks and restaurants, as a major factor when choosing the right home. Each buyer has different needs, but equipping your home with the most in-demand amenities and features will ensure sustained buyer interest in the property. The key is finding a home that works for YOU! Start your home buying or selling journey in areas like Bethlehem and Center Valley with the Rebecca Francis Team today.


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